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Friday, 29 June 2007

Oliveria Birdinho

At only six months old, footballing sensation Oliveria Birdinho has already turned out scintillating performances for three major football clubs.

Oliveria, making his league debut for Gillingham (pictured below) at only four months old would have said, (if he could) "playing for Gillingham is something special, I am a third generation Gillingham fan and both my father and grandfather burst into tears when I walked out at Priestfield for the first time".

Image: Oliveria Birdinho making his Gillingham debut

After several barnstorming performances in Gillingham colours, it wasn't long before Oliveria was catching the eye of bigger clubs. Oliveria said, (if he could) "Swapping the Gills for Barcelona was a wrench, it tore my heart in two. My uncle Reaso is still not talking to me, but my agents, Buckby and Williamson engineered the move and the opportunity was too good to turn down".

Image: Oliveria warming up on the bench wearing Barcelona colours

Oliveria found the going tough in the Catalan sunshine and explained to us (if he could) why the move went sour "My mum is really white, and she cannot look at the sun without getting sunburnt, I had a similar problem, having only fairly new skin being six months old, the heat became too much to bare, plus I was going through so much milk it drove my mum and dad potty".

With Barcelona spending £16 million on Thierry Henry as Oliveria's replacement Oliviera was free to join Liverpool, a move which helped bridge some gaps with his Dad and Grandfather, Oliver explained (if he could) "As I mentioned earlier, leaving Gillingham so early in my career was a poke in the eye with a hot stick to both my Dad and Grampy, so when approached by Liverpool chief scout Gary Routledge a close friend of my Dad it seemed like the best logical move as Liverpool are both my Dad and Gramps's second team, plus the thought of playing alongside Stephen Gerrard was too good to turn down".

Image: Oliveria making his debut in Liverpool colours

Oliveria, yet to make his England debut, although England boss Marcus Pattishire has already assured him of a place in the side Oliveria explained (if he could) what wearing the 3 lions would mean to him "Mr Pattishire has already said the shirt is mine if I want it, but I am slightly too small for it. I am hoping that I have a growth spurt soon because wearing the same national shirt is the highest honour there is in football".

Whatever Oliveria Birdinho does in his football career, it promises to be long and varied. The first six months have been colourful and Oliveria's father Adam has been filled with pride "seeing Oliveria in his football kits has been amazing, and I am hoping that as he grows older he will love the beautiful game as much as I do. It won't be too hard for him to make a better player than I am, as unfortunately I have two left feet!".

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Half way!

As we enjoy the longest day of the year, Steph and I will be having a minor celebration as Oliver reaches six months old.

We won't obviously be popping any champagne corks, but we will be taking a look back at the past six months, how our journey has gone by so quickly, how Oliver has brought so much fun into our lives and how we cannot remember our lives before he arrived!

Towards the end of Stephanie's pregnancy I thought about the idea of taking a photograph of Oliver each day and posting it on the web, so that we could capture his changes each day. Steph wasn't initially keen on the idea, thinking that I was mad, or just jesting!

It wasn't really until Oliver was a week old, Christmas had passed and I had realised we had photos each day for Oliver's first week. This was then that my idea resurfaced and I decided to carry on with it. Six months down the line, and we still have a photograph of Oliver each and every day.

It hasn't been easy though, we have had to rely on a lot of goodwill from other people, particularly those who look after Oliver each day whilst Steph and I go to work. I must say a big thank you to Steph's mum Pat who had really embraced the whole concept and is a frequent source for the gallery so far. I would also like to say thank you to Carly, Nadine, Marlene and my mum who have also got their fair share of "entries", and without which this whole idea would not be able to come to life.

Intrigued as to how far other people had got on in similar projects I googled around and found some interesting projects of people doing similar things. Highlights of which include a Japanese women who filmed her face every day for three years on a webcam and posted a time lapse video of her efforts! Most people it seems are taking random photographs of random everyday things and capturing their "lives" -a year in pictures.

A lot of people have commented on the gallery, all of which has been really positive. It seems that the general consensus is that when Oliver is older he will be really grateful for our twelve months of hard work and that it will be something to be proud of in years to come! I am hoping that will be true, although I am sure when he is a teenager he will be sulking and saying how "sad" we were!

Another question that I have been asked is what happens on the 21st December 2007? Will I carry on? To be honest, I probably won't! If I was taking the photographs each day then maybe, but I am reliant on other peoples help, and sometimes it isn't always possible, and I never wanted it to become a chore for people. The first year was always the plan, and once complete it will be a unique and enjoyable thing to look back on. Even now, as you view the past six months the changes in Oliver are quite remarkable!

Taking a look at the photographs themselves; there are some cute ones, funny ones, silly ones, ones we don't really like and one that were taken in a bit of a hurry! Stephanie and I sat down to come up with our top ten list, specifically for this blog... but we couldn't - instead we present to you our top twenty!

Our Top Twenty


1 - The very first photo - we just had to include this!


2 - Probably Oliver's most famous photo! Made Stephanie cry when she saw it, and the photo that we issued with our thank you notes.


3 - His bib pretty much sums it all up really!


4 - Oliver enjoying his swing for the first time. So small and delicate!


5 - Trying his Gills shirt out for the very first time!


6 - Just incredibly cute!


7 - Oliver and Solo Valentine, the only puppy of a litter born on Valentines day, both with amazing blue eyes, and chubby chops!


8 - This one tickles me every time I see it!


9 - Great smile!


10 - We like this on because Oliver looks completely different for some reason!


11 - We loved his jumper!


12 - This is just great! He really loves his baths!


13 - Nadine took this one, which Steph and I thought was hilarious!


14 - Taken whilst he was lying on the floor in the lounge.


15 - Looking straight at me in whilst playing in the bouncer.


16 - This one just came out so well!


17 - A typical Oliver moment, playing with his toys on the sofa.


18 - Mum said Oliver had the glasses on for ages and didn't mind at all!


19 - This is one of my favourites!


20 - Our most recent

So, there are our favourites - what about yours?

Here's to the next six months!

Friday, 15 June 2007

Feeling sorry for Mr O

Poor Oliver is suffering at the moment with a terrible cold, or baby hayfever, we are not too sure. I am hoping it is just a cold as to be struck down by hayfever at such a young age is a bit harsh and not very fair!

He has been ok during the day, despite his sneezing fits, which are actually quite funny, and he doesn't seem to mind too much. It is at night when he is sleeping that we have been having problems the past few days. His nose is blocked up, so he is forced to breathe through his mouth. For a baby this can be a little confusing at first, especially if your sucking on a tummy for all your might!

Next week sees his first little landmark when he becomes six months old! I can hardly believe it myself, but as usual time has flown by and six months really will have passed. I am planning a little half way stage blog next week when I will talk about his photo gallery, but seeing how he is suffering a little at the moment prompted this spur of the moment blog.

Even though he has been suffering, and it has been horrible for Steph and I who have tried to administer calpol or something that will help him out a little bit more, it gives you a sense of responsibility that you are looking after this human person and that he is reliant 100% of the time on you.

Although we have been feeling sorry for him this week, we have been having a great time! He is growing out of being a baby and starting to really develop into a little boy! He had his first tooth breakthrough last weekend and although you cannot see it you can feel it if you rub your finger along his gum.

He is also starting to clap, which was funny for the first few days as he kept missing his hand when he swung them until he worked out that he had to lift his left hand and lower his right for them to meet correctly!

The best part, and proudest part for me is the fact that all day whilst, playing, watching the baby channel, having his nappy changed, drinking his bottle, eating his lunch or sitting in the car he is talking, and all he says is "dadadadadadadadadad".

Steph told me that Oliver had been saying "dada", but it wasn't until about a week that I had caught him doing it! I have been feeling slightly guilty though, and as much as I keep trying he still won't say "mama"!

This blog is my 50th entry, in just under a year of blogging, which is an average of one a week. Looking at my statistics since December 7th when I first added Google Analytics, my blog homepage has had 271 unique views and an average time spent of 2 minutes and 2 seconds. Baring in mind when I add a new blog entry I link to the direct blog item and not the main blog page these results are quite impressive! And in case your wondering, in the same period my home page has had 2,274 unique views!

Monday, 4 June 2007


Geni - Everyone's RelatedOne of the great uses of the web is the way in which you can keep track of your family tree. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to the art of ancestory, including and Genes Reunited.

There is now a (fairly) new site to add to your Genealogy favourites - Geni.

Once registered, unlike some sites, free of charge you will be able to quickly and very easily start compiling your family tree and seeing just what relationship a distant relative is to you.

Not only can you quickly compile a very complicated tree you can invite your relatives to join and add to your tree using their email address in the hope that someone can help out with that missing family link, you can add photographs and personal history about that person and all sorts of other information that you may not think necessary.

I have only really used the site for a couple of hours and already I have 118 people added to my tree, and I have only gone as far as my grand-parents (on both sides)! Granted, the Bird family is is more like a bush than a tree but you will be amazed at how quickly your tree grows.

Hopefully, with a little research and some help from other family members I can start adding a little bit more history to my tree by adding my Grand Parents' siblings and above. A distant auntie in Australia has already done much work on my Nan's side of the family, so I will need to get in contact with her and hopefully plug the gaps higher up my tree.

If your interested take a look around the site at As Geni says, "Everyone's related".
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