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Friday, 27 April 2007

A Grain of Sand

It has been nearly a year since I started up my blog and as yet have not even posted 50 entries.

There are hardcore people out there who blog, once, twice, maybe more in a day.

Getting hold of a decent blog, like this one (!) is hard to find, that's why there are feedburners and feed readers so that you can search under blogs that you may or may not find interesting.

One of the biggest blog topics is football, or across the pond Soccer as it is know. There are litterally millions of blogs worth reading on a daily basis.

I use the Google Reader plugin on my personalised Google homepage, so that when a new blog entry in written I can read it from my homepage without having to remember to navigate to their site.

Here are some links to some of the best footballing blogs I have come across so far:

  • Brian Moores Head
    An online version of the old Gils fanzine, has been mentioned in my blogs before, but seeing as we are on the subject...

  • Culture of Soccer
    An American blog, but has lots of interesting articles about world football and the American Leagues too.

  • If this is football
    Another blog which posts regular articles of interest about all levels of the game.

  • Some people are on the pitch
    Various articles again, about all levels of football. The Friday Lists of no particular interest are a great little feature and cover some of the more obscure details found in the footballing world.

  • 200 Percent
    My particular favourite, and starting point to discovering all the blogs mentioned above.

I enjoy football, and with this blog, have started to enjoy writing a little bit too. I don't think I will be a blog author on the scale of the guys above, as they seriously know their football! Have a read and see what you think.

Friday, 20 April 2007

A Late Update

I have not posted a blog here now for nearly a month, which by my standards, and web standards in general is a long time!

Nothing of note has really happened, just been going through day to day life of commuting, working, commuting, catching up with Steph, watching Oliver sleep, sleeping myself and repeating the process over again.

It may sound a little bland and uninteresting, but the reality is that work has been great! Busy, but great! Catching up with Steph has been great, not had much quality time together but the time we have has been spent in contentment as opposed to screaming at each other, which is not our style really anyway!

Watching Oliver sleeping as you can imagine is the highlight of my day! Generally he is already sleeping when I get home, so I miss the best part of his day, but occasionally he will wake up and we will have a little play we have a good half hour of him bouncing on my knee whilst he watches in bewilderment as I gurn at him.

Not quite sleeping throughout the night on a regular basis, but we are making progress! Except it seems when I am on night duty and he wakes up wondering were the hell he dropped his dummy! The way in which he lets me know is by screaming at some insane level of noise which is a real joy at 3am, 3.30am, 4am, 4.30 am etc! Sorry number 3 (the flat above)!

Easter passed without excitement, although Oliver and I enjoyed the nice weather, but not as much as I would have liked.

Easter for me is a family time and we never had the opportunity to spend much time as a family. Jessica and James took the girls to Chessington World of Adventures with Mum, Dad and Craig in tow, but I didn't really want to go without Steph who was rushed off her feet during Sainsbury's annual Easter madness.

Oliver wouldn't have been able to go on any of the rides, and certainly would not have paid much attention to the animals, but it was still something I didn't want Steph to miss out on!

Saturday's without the Gills, just me and Oliver is great fun as I get to give him a bath and dress him and generally spend time with him which I don't during the week, but when it comes to something to do I get to a bit of a blank. He is a little too young to take to the park to enjoy the swings, and I don't have a car to take him to MonkeyBizz for example. I jokingly sent a text message the other week to the boys asking them if they knew of any single mothers looking for company! It was meant purely platonically, but it was probably misconstrued on arrival!

Easter also saw Jessica and James getting baptised, for which Steph witnessed and was blown away by. I was working on the Shell Ferrari race report in Malaysia, which was due around the same time as they were due to give their testimonies.

Being baptised is a very powerful experience for those people who have committed themselves to the faith, but being baptised as Jessica and James did, together added, from what Steph tells me a real sense of romance to the occasion, with the scene of their dual baptism also being the scene of their pending wedding in July.

I may not be a man of faith as most of my family are, and have probably, almost certainly gone about things the wrong way when it has come to my families religious beliefs, but it would have been nice to have been their and witnessed Jessica and James's big day.

I was certainly surprised when Stephanie told me that James was baptised, as I was not aware that he had been as actively involved with the church as Jessica has been. I am under the understanding that it was kept from me as I am a perpetual piss taker and nobody wanted me to hurt anyone’s feelings!

I can see their point, but to be honest, it takes balls to do what James did, to stand up in front of a congregation of people and share your feelings so openly. I certainly wouldn't be able to do it easily, certainly not as fearless and entertainingly as James did. So in case you read this "bruv", good for you mate.

Talking of religion, the Gills remain in League One with two games to spare, and so Ronnie Jepson looks towards a new season, and another batch of rekindled hopes and fears. A full blog would be required to make note of what has happened this season, but we can be truly thankful that we are still in League One, and most of the Gills faithful are hoping for some divine intervention between now and August hoping for a little something extra that will turn the club around.

Finally, now that I am nearly up to date with current going's on! I have spent the last week organising England Fan numbers for me and some mates in the hope that we are successful in the FA ballot in getting tickets for England and Brazil on June 1st. Hopefully some of us will be lucky and maybe another trip up Wembley way will be forthcoming.

I must try and rabble on more often, at least then my rabbles will be shorter and I won't have to keep thanking people for making it this far!
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