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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Back to the Future

It has been a while coming, but this weekend will see us finally moving home.

When we spoke about the possibility of moving back to my parents house back in May or June of this year it was something that came about out of the blue and caught Stephanie and I by surprise.

At first it seemed like a brilliant idea, and having talked it through we decided that it was the best and most logical way forward for us. More than anything, it was an opportunity we couldn't turn down.

We started the Tower Homes selling process just prior to going to Mexico, around the same time that Mum and Dad moved to their new home. Selling through Tower, although great if they can find you a buyer is a frustrating time if they can't, which unfortunately was the case for us.

From the end of September, beginning of October we have been working at the new house in order to get things ready for us when we finally get there. In converting Craig's old room into a nursery and adding some colour to to the walls in my parents old room, we have managed to add a little "Adam, Stephanie and Oliver" to the house, which will be a big psychological help when we finally move in.

In fact, I can probably say that by spending time at the new house, working on it and being there weekend after weekend has actually had an impact on me already. I do feel that I am working on my house, and it does feel like home already.

However, Stephanie, being with Oliver at the weekends whilst I have been working has not had this benefit, so for her it is still "Adams Mum and Dad's House", which, until we are in and settled over a period of time will continue to be so.

Even so, the opportunity for us right now is a great one as I have already mentioned. We will be able to settle some roots down, knowing that potentially we can be in the new house for the next twenty to thirty years. The flat, which we are gutted to be leaving was never a permanent dwelling for us, we always knew that we would be leaving at some point, but never knew when or for how long.

Oliver will now have a garden in which to play, and to learn the skills to fulfil his Oliveria Birdinho prophecy, as well as being more local to better primary schools, which ultimately us more important than anything else.

We have had great times at the flat, it was our first home together and Oliver was conceived and spent the first year of his life there. Sentimental feelings I know, but nevertheless, it will be hard to say goodbye, particularly for Stephanie who is slightly more nervous about the future than I am. However, I can look back at the good times I had growing up, and bring them back to the future with me as I go back to my childhood as an adult and build new memories for myself and my own family.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

My Footbal Club - My Arse

I am a Gillingham Fan, first and foremost. But I am a massive follower of football, and so take note of all the goings on around the footballing globe, from non-league to more recently MSL (and yes, because of Mr Beckham's influence).

I had therefore, obviously heard about the idea of a group of people putting a website together and coming up with the idea of getting enough "supporters" together to buy a club and run it.

Being a web thing, you would have thought that would have been right up my street being a bit of a geek (according to most). However, reading various articles around the footballing blogosphere, it became clearer in my own mind what a crazy idea this really was.

I shall not go into depth here, but you can read more from the horses mouth by visiting

However crazy I thought the idea was, I was never for it, or particularly against it, as it was always in my mind that some random team would be the eventual guineas pigs and I could watch the ensuing chaos from afar.

Imagine my surprise then, when I read today that myfootballclub had brought a controlling share in Ebbsfleet United!

Having already in 2007 made one bizarre decision by changing their traditional name of 100 years from Gravesend and Northfleet to Ebbsfleet United (after an unfinished train station), today's news brings another chapter of change in an attempt to finally break into the football league.

Admittedly I am a fuddy duddy when it comes to football tradition, but still, I agree with change when change is due, the current team and management restructuring at Gillingham at the moment is refreshing and welcoming. But this idea is, in my eyes, unsavoury and unwelcome.

Ebbsfleet United will for the foreseeable future be spurred on by the publicity that this "innovation" will no doubt bring, but whether any success is gained from it we will always have to wait and see.

The longer that it takes for any success to materialise the quicker that the members of myfootballclub will lose interest. Without any interest of the 'supporters' what happens then? The true and traditional supporters of Ebbsfleet are then left with a shell of an experiment gone wrong.

Ebbsfleet and prior to that Gravesend and Northfleet have been a slowly progressive club, nothing was ever built in a day, and the model that Ebbsfleet had been working too had bit by bit made inroads, into what is their ultimate aim, league football for the first time at Stonebridge Road.

I hope that this isn't just a whim based around a fashionable internet fad and that there is some longeivity in the idea. Maybe Ebbsfleet United's goal in bringing League football will materialise quicker than the anticipated, but how far realistically can they go? Like Gillingham the fan base will be fickle and all the time that the Fleet are in ascendancey the attendance fiqures will grow, but just as soon as the momentum stops and the rot sets in, those people dissapear pretty quickly, as again will the interest of the myfootballclub members.

I was an occasional visitor to Stonebridge Road from time to time, as Ebbsfleet United are my local club, but I won't be going there again unless Gillingham have the misfortune to be playing them for whatever reason. I would rather visit a proper football club, like Dartford or Dover, whom have their own ambitions, but are willing to work hard and seek the rewards of their investments by traditional (and more honest) methods.

Kent football needs another club to be within the football league, it would be great for the county, but it doesn't need a club like Ebbsfleet United who appear to be motivated by greed, and "getting rich quick". I am not aiming anything at the supporters and they will support eleven players on the pitch whether they are in the Premier League or the Blue Square South. They have been there for long enough and that is exactly the reason why I hope that this idea has a relevancy of success, or if it is destined to fail, doesn't fail spectacularly.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Day in the life of a ten month old

Today me and my cousin Indigo went shopping with Nanny Tracey! Here is a photo of us!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

More Gillingham FC Classics

Another collection of Gillingham related YouTube Videos for you to enjoy!

Firstly, the season when we went from really, really rubbish to record breakingly good!

Then, a few years later, after the heartbreak of Manchester City, we finally did it - made it to the Championship!

Two years prior to being really, really bad, we were much worse. In fact, we nearly went out of the league full stop. Here is the match that saved us - which is the first time I have seen this, being in Spain at the time! I remember listening to the world service for the results - our lives before the web!

This was, my all time favourite Gillingham game prior to our playoff exploits! Was the whole reason I got my Harvey Lim online moniker!

Before my time the Sunderland playoff exploits, but again YouTube has helped fill some Gillingham related gaps! The Rainham End looks mental when the goals go in!

After all the highlight, why am I including last season? Well we actually scored some pretty good goals! Spot the best ones here!

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