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Friday, 29 June 2007

Oliveria Birdinho

At only six months old, footballing sensation Oliveria Birdinho has already turned out scintillating performances for three major football clubs.

Oliveria, making his league debut for Gillingham (pictured below) at only four months old would have said, (if he could) "playing for Gillingham is something special, I am a third generation Gillingham fan and both my father and grandfather burst into tears when I walked out at Priestfield for the first time".

Image: Oliveria Birdinho making his Gillingham debut

After several barnstorming performances in Gillingham colours, it wasn't long before Oliveria was catching the eye of bigger clubs. Oliveria said, (if he could) "Swapping the Gills for Barcelona was a wrench, it tore my heart in two. My uncle Reaso is still not talking to me, but my agents, Buckby and Williamson engineered the move and the opportunity was too good to turn down".

Image: Oliveria warming up on the bench wearing Barcelona colours

Oliveria found the going tough in the Catalan sunshine and explained to us (if he could) why the move went sour "My mum is really white, and she cannot look at the sun without getting sunburnt, I had a similar problem, having only fairly new skin being six months old, the heat became too much to bare, plus I was going through so much milk it drove my mum and dad potty".

With Barcelona spending £16 million on Thierry Henry as Oliveria's replacement Oliviera was free to join Liverpool, a move which helped bridge some gaps with his Dad and Grandfather, Oliver explained (if he could) "As I mentioned earlier, leaving Gillingham so early in my career was a poke in the eye with a hot stick to both my Dad and Grampy, so when approached by Liverpool chief scout Gary Routledge a close friend of my Dad it seemed like the best logical move as Liverpool are both my Dad and Gramps's second team, plus the thought of playing alongside Stephen Gerrard was too good to turn down".

Image: Oliveria making his debut in Liverpool colours

Oliveria, yet to make his England debut, although England boss Marcus Pattishire has already assured him of a place in the side Oliveria explained (if he could) what wearing the 3 lions would mean to him "Mr Pattishire has already said the shirt is mine if I want it, but I am slightly too small for it. I am hoping that I have a growth spurt soon because wearing the same national shirt is the highest honour there is in football".

Whatever Oliveria Birdinho does in his football career, it promises to be long and varied. The first six months have been colourful and Oliveria's father Adam has been filled with pride "seeing Oliveria in his football kits has been amazing, and I am hoping that as he grows older he will love the beautiful game as much as I do. It won't be too hard for him to make a better player than I am, as unfortunately I have two left feet!".


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