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Monday, 4 June 2007


Geni - Everyone's RelatedOne of the great uses of the web is the way in which you can keep track of your family tree. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to the art of ancestory, including and Genes Reunited.

There is now a (fairly) new site to add to your Genealogy favourites - Geni.

Once registered, unlike some sites, free of charge you will be able to quickly and very easily start compiling your family tree and seeing just what relationship a distant relative is to you.

Not only can you quickly compile a very complicated tree you can invite your relatives to join and add to your tree using their email address in the hope that someone can help out with that missing family link, you can add photographs and personal history about that person and all sorts of other information that you may not think necessary.

I have only really used the site for a couple of hours and already I have 118 people added to my tree, and I have only gone as far as my grand-parents (on both sides)! Granted, the Bird family is is more like a bush than a tree but you will be amazed at how quickly your tree grows.

Hopefully, with a little research and some help from other family members I can start adding a little bit more history to my tree by adding my Grand Parents' siblings and above. A distant auntie in Australia has already done much work on my Nan's side of the family, so I will need to get in contact with her and hopefully plug the gaps higher up my tree.

If your interested take a look around the site at As Geni says, "Everyone's related".


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