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Friday, 15 June 2007

Feeling sorry for Mr O

Poor Oliver is suffering at the moment with a terrible cold, or baby hayfever, we are not too sure. I am hoping it is just a cold as to be struck down by hayfever at such a young age is a bit harsh and not very fair!

He has been ok during the day, despite his sneezing fits, which are actually quite funny, and he doesn't seem to mind too much. It is at night when he is sleeping that we have been having problems the past few days. His nose is blocked up, so he is forced to breathe through his mouth. For a baby this can be a little confusing at first, especially if your sucking on a tummy for all your might!

Next week sees his first little landmark when he becomes six months old! I can hardly believe it myself, but as usual time has flown by and six months really will have passed. I am planning a little half way stage blog next week when I will talk about his photo gallery, but seeing how he is suffering a little at the moment prompted this spur of the moment blog.

Even though he has been suffering, and it has been horrible for Steph and I who have tried to administer calpol or something that will help him out a little bit more, it gives you a sense of responsibility that you are looking after this human person and that he is reliant 100% of the time on you.

Although we have been feeling sorry for him this week, we have been having a great time! He is growing out of being a baby and starting to really develop into a little boy! He had his first tooth breakthrough last weekend and although you cannot see it you can feel it if you rub your finger along his gum.

He is also starting to clap, which was funny for the first few days as he kept missing his hand when he swung them until he worked out that he had to lift his left hand and lower his right for them to meet correctly!

The best part, and proudest part for me is the fact that all day whilst, playing, watching the baby channel, having his nappy changed, drinking his bottle, eating his lunch or sitting in the car he is talking, and all he says is "dadadadadadadadadad".

Steph told me that Oliver had been saying "dada", but it wasn't until about a week that I had caught him doing it! I have been feeling slightly guilty though, and as much as I keep trying he still won't say "mama"!

This blog is my 50th entry, in just under a year of blogging, which is an average of one a week. Looking at my statistics since December 7th when I first added Google Analytics, my blog homepage has had 271 unique views and an average time spent of 2 minutes and 2 seconds. Baring in mind when I add a new blog entry I link to the direct blog item and not the main blog page these results are quite impressive! And in case your wondering, in the same period my home page has had 2,274 unique views!


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