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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Peas and Carrots

Last month my good friends Stuart and Aimee announced their engagement after returning from a whirlwind tour of Venice.

As we approach the end of this month, I am happy to congratulate another of couple, who are great friends of both Steph and I whom also announced their engagement this week.

Image: Will and Olivia in Australia

Will and Olivia returned from Eqypt on Sunday as an engaged couple after Will finally managed to pop the question!

Will and Olivia are the textbook couple whom met as childhood sweethearts. They met each other as innocent 16 year olds and became each others first loves. For the past 10 years they have both fulfilled their own personal ambitions of university and travelling, whilst remaining true to themselves and one another.

I said when Stuart and Aimee got engaged that it was destined to happen, but something in the stars happened the night Will and Olivia first met. From that moment there was only going to one outcome. To live apart for three years during university and remain strong as ever was their biggest test, and both of them survived with flying colours. They are now both enjoying the fruits of their labour as they begin to carve successful careers, which I am sure will be long and varied.

Steph, Oliver and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate both Will and Olivia, and we are proud of you both!


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