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Thursday, 27 July 2006

From tiny Shrimps, healthy babies grow...

One of the most exciting times of any pregnancy is the 20 week scan.

Today Steph and I went up to Darenth to have ours.

We were both really looking forward to this, especially Steph. She has been feeling a little depressed about the fact that she had the first scan so early, hence the "Shrimp" moniker, but we can finally lay that to rest!

Both of us were really quite nervous, although we never mentioned it to each other before hand! I could see Steph breathing quickly when she was laying on the bed waiting for the machine to kick in and for the baby to reveal itself!

It was definitely worth the 21 week, (and 1 day) wait as we caught glimpses of the babies face as it yawned and it's arms waved as it fidgeted in the warmth of Steph's womb.

It was interesting to see the nurse use the high tech equipment measuring the babies head, and body making sure all was as it should be - so far so good.

We could have been told whether we were expecting a baby boy or a baby girl, but we (or should that be I) decided to keep it all a surprise for later.

Most amazingly for me, is that even at the babies tender age we saw that the he/she had a podgy belly taking after the father and yawned throughout, quite seemingly following in his or her mother's footsteps.


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