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Monday, 24 July 2006

Beach and Babies

Every so often Stephanie will get a full weekend off, which is great for the pair of us as we don't really see each other very often nowadays! It may seem a crazy thing to say, but for the pair of us it definitely seems that way!

We decided therefore we would take advantage of the gorgeous weather and head for the coast for the day!

I wasn't sure where we ought to go. I remember as a kid we always used to go to Margate with my grandparents on my Mum's side of the family, whilst my Dad's parents always seemed to take us to Dymchurch!

So naturally I thought to go to either of those places, and opted for Margate, purely because of the whole Dreamland experience - even though it is experiencing difficult times at the moment! (This website is an interesting read if anyone feels like reminiscing!).

So how we ended up in Herne Bay was a mystery to me! I guess I had a last minute change of mind as we driving down there or something!

I always remember the most exciting part of going to the seaside when I was a kid was driving along and catching your first glimpse of the sea from in between houses or through the trees, I am quite ashamed to admit that I still haven't lost that feeling, which was a surprise to me!

Herne Bay hadn't changed that much from what I remember of it, although I cannot say I am overly familiar with it in the first place. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the water, which wouldn't be out of place in some Mediterranean resorts, and it was certainly a lot warmer too!

As we sat there people watching, both Steph and I agreed that we were both looking forward to the day when we take the baby to the beach and see him/her playing in the sand and having as much fun we did when we were kids!

We have our second scan on Thursday, which we are both looking forward to! Me because it will be the first time I see, or hear the babies heartbeat, and Steph because she is wants to get the vision of a shrimp/prawn/seahorse out of her head!


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