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Monday, 17 October 2011

My Bucket List

Bucket List

Earlier this year, I read the heartbreaking story of a young girl named Alice, who had written a “bucket list” after hearing that she that had a terminal form of cancer. I hadn’t heard of the term before, which apparently comes from the movie of the same name starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Alice isn’t the only person to have been inspired by the movie, thousands of ordinary bloggers have done the exact same thing.

A ‘Bucket List', according to the movie, is a list of items one would like to do before dying, or kicking the bucket. It might sound rather morbid, but we are all dying in an inevitable kind of way, and having now watched the film and seen the list of items that were depicted by two fictional characters from the minds of Hollywood writers - I thought I’d have a go myself.

Firstly, this task isn’t as straight forward as it might look. It’s easy to write a list of things, but in my view, they need to be things that are achievable. I’d like to land on the moon, or have a threesome with Angeline Jolie and Megan Fox, but they just aren’t going to happen. So items that made my list need to be things that in the grand scheme of things are perfectly doable within the current parameters of my life right now. Which leads me to the other thing, variables.

Had I written this list ten years ago, or attempt to write it again in ten years time, my list will change dependant upon my current circumstances and well being. I feel perfectly fit and healthy enough to do a parachute jump right now, but would I feel the same in ten years time? Likewise, the thought of having a book published ten years ago would never have crossed my mind.

Other things that I’ve not included on the list, are the usual things that we all wish for rather than make happen ourselves, like remaining healthy, living long and being prosperous, making the most of our lives and being kind towards others. Those things I believe are mandatory requirements, so the items below are really things that I’d like to do or experience myself.

So here, in random order of importance, is my Bucket List.

  • - Watch every Gillingham FC game in a season
  • - watch an Old Firm
  • - watch a Manchester derby
  • - watch a Merseyside derby
  • - watch El Classico
  • - watch a Milan derby
  • - watch the World Cup Final
  • - visit all 92 League Club grounds
  • - visit Machu Pichu
  • - visit Cedar Point
  • - visit Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • - visit all the Disney Parks
  • - have a child graduate
  • - go to Monaco Grand Prix
  • - go to Singapore Grand Prix
  • - drive Route 66
  • - climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • - do a parachute jump
  • - do a bungee jump
  • - publish a novel
  • - inspire someone into doing something great
  • - be an extra in a movie
  • - visit the Grand Canyon
  • - take my children to the places that inspired me as a child
  • - visit the Great Wall of China
  • - take a hot air balloon ride
  • - build a treehouse and camp in it overnight
  • - have a religious epiphany
  • - take an award winning photograph

What would yours be?

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Peter Weis said...

You've got some good stuff on there.

If your going to do the route 66 drive I would also suggest you do the drive from MIAMI to KEY WEST. It is a 4 hour drive. the 1st hour sucks but once you start crossing islands it is amazing. I have doe the drive with my wife twice now. Take your time and stop at a few of the islands in the middle especially a park called Bahia Honda. I would also suggest stopping some place on the road at night and walking out onto one of the fishing bridges. It so dark the sky looks like some one scattered diamonds across a black table cloth at Tiffany's in NY.

Another a separate adventure I would also suggest driving to the most north eastern point of the US which is the Light House at Lubec Maine. It is quiet and sparsely populated, seals hang out in the water just off the shore, and you could cross a bridge into canada in 5 minutes. I'll post some pictures tomorrow on my blog

A few of the simpler things on my bucket list:
London for New Years Eve.
Opening or Closing Ceremony Of The Olympics.
Complete an Iron Man triathlon before I am 50
Drive from NY to California.
Become and Adirondack 46r.
Hike The Appalachian Trail. (Maybe not all at once LOL)
Try a bunch of sports including:
Scuba Diving
go Deep Sea Fishing.
Surf Casting Off of Montauk Point

Too many more things to list.

Adam Bird said...

Hi Peter! Thanks for the idea.

You know, there is just so much of the US that I want to see and the Key West drive nearly made the list. So did the Appalachian Trail, so did the Pacific Highway and so on! It was so difficult to choose one, but I chose Route 66 because it is the quintessential road trip isn't it?

If you're in London for New Year, I'll be your guide!


Anonymous said...

Love your bucket list! I'm currently working on my own on - makes it very easy to share things with friends!

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