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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Ready for Launch

Baby Bird 2

As the months roll by and we head into October, we become ever closer to finally meeting Baby Bird II, who has slowly been growing within the confines of Stephanie’s womb and will make an appearance when he or she deems themselves to be perfectly ready - in or around their due date of November 3rd.

As pregnancies go, we have been fortunate with this one, no precautionary overnight stops at the hospital or worries about minor things that first time around seem like major obstacles. It is generally perceived that the second pregnancy is easier for parents to cope with and fortunately, so far that seems to be the case. If anything, the only real worry that Stephanie has faced, has been having to cope with the baby’s sporting process. It’s a bit of a footballer apparently with Stephanie’s inside being kicked, booted, twisted and pulled on a regular basis, which anyone who knows and has seen this in action will testify to being quite a sight!

We have also spent the past eight months of so deliberating about names and I think its fair to say we have our final choices now. It has been a difficult process. Names that either of us have liked, the other one hasn’t or in most cases, we’ve both liked it, but have a close friend who has a dog or a cat which shares the same name. It might sound a bit silly, but take the name Millie for example, which both of us like. A friend of my Dad, he had a dog called Millie and it was the ugliest four-legged creature I have ever seen. I still remember it, even though it has been dead for a number of years. If you are going to choose a name for your child it needs to be the right one! As to letting the readers of this blog know what we’ve chosen? Well, you will have to wait a month like everyone else!

Other final preparations have also been made, the nursery has been given a spring clean, with my Stephanie’s sister-in-law coming around later this afternoon to specially clean the carpet (anyone need a cleaner - let me know, I’ll put you in touch) and we’ve got down all the original stuff from Oliver’s birth washed, ready and recycled. The only thing that we’ve not done is got all the blue stuff down yet as not knowing what we are having there isn’t much point!

Finally, to round off the Baby Bird news and to give us that huge sense of impending excitement a rather large holdall sits patiently by the front door, armed ready with all sorts of lotions, potions, contraptions and the vital necessities required when going to the hospital ready to give birth. If we weren’t sure quite what we were letting ourselves in for, the bag acts as a constant reminder - as if we could ever forget.


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