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Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Beginning of a New Era


In amongst the confetti and champagne that has flowed freely over the past two years, and looks set to continue at least until our own marriage in 2010, Saturday night marks the dawn of a new era. Mummy of the group Stephanie hits the big three-0.

Although her birthday isn't until the 13th of October, current times amidst the credit crunch and close proximity in dates to sister in law Nadine and her best friend Kelly, both of which also hit the special landmark around the same time, sees a triple celebration as the three glam girls mark the occasion with a party to end all parties.

I have a fear of hitting 30, due mostly to my own memories of when Dad celebrated his. A surprise BBQ at the house arranged by mum was not at all welcomed as Dad spent the whole day in a birthday depression rather than buoyant celebration. Being an impressionable eleven year old at the time wondering what on earth was so terrible about being 30. Was that the age that in which terrible thing began to happen like when you were 14 and supposed to come out in spots, or 16 and you had to leave home and get a job?

As is, thirty is an age to celebrate, you have survived the difficulties and life defining moments that make you who you are. You can look back with fondness at the mistakes you have made and realise that yes, you have made them, but so has everyone else and more than likely the next time you won't make them again. The friendships you have are for life and not just for current school term or holiday period. You have a young family or or planning to start one soon, or in some cases, you are married, or about to set of on a life together with that special person. In short, hitting 30 is a marking of a rebirth, except this time, you know who you are and where you are going.

With Stephanie being the mother hen of our little group, she has the privilege of experiencing this first, with Carly to come next year and most of us boys in my own defining year, 2010.

I would like to wish both Kelly and Nadine all the best birthday wishes, and of course, Stephanie whom a double extra super special treble congratulations goes to her! If you are coming on Saturday evening at the Old Gravesendians Rugby Club, bring your dancing shoes and champagne corks as we celebrate three great girls becoming three fine ladies.


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