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Monday, 14 July 2008

The Famous Five

When we were growing up, I doubt very much whether Mum and Dad ever imagined a scenario whereby they would have five grand-children with the possibility of more on the way. On Friday, with the birth of Elijah, Jessica's fourth and probably final child that scenario became a reality.

Stephanie and I are really happy for both Jessica and James, and indeed the girls too for finally having the boy that they both craved. Thinking from a personal point of view, I am particularly glad as it means Oliver will grow up with some male company on the Bird side of the family, and takes off some of the pressure on Stephanie and I when we get around to Baby Bird MrkII.

If Jessica had another girl, and Baby Bird MrkII was also a female, poor Oliver would be surrounded by women and be bossed around incessantly, eventually driving him loopy. As it is, Oliver will have Elijah to play football with and climb trees etc, allowing Stephanie and I to pray for a girl, giving us the "perfect" nuclear family.

Having any child is special, but for a male to produce a son carries a little more weight on your emotions. When Oliver was born I was overjoyed at being a father and all the rest of it, but knowing that the Bird family name was to be carried on an extra generation was a big thing for me and it appears to be the same for James too. In fact he has already gone through the list of things that he wishes to pass on when the time comes!

Now that James has someone to pass on the Shovelar legacy and has a heir to the throne. He has admitted that it is highly unlikely that he will be fathering anymore children at anytime soon. If the Famous Five is to become the Secret Seven the ball lies firmly in my court!


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