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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Peace and Quiet

It has been very quiet in the blogging stakes since the 22nd May when I wrote "10 conclusions for the European Cup Final". Things should hopefully pick up again shortly with our engagement party this Saturday night, and Stuarts stag weekend at the end of the month.

Although the European Championships have been on over the past week I cannot say that I have been entirely enthusiastic about the whole affair. The games that I have managed to sit and watch have been tepid affairs, and I seem to flick over or walk out the room just as a goal is scored.

The pick of the teams after the first round of matches has been Portugal, Holland and Spain. Of those three I would like to see Spain go all the way, purely because of the Liverpool connection and the fact that I dislike Ronaldo (verging on hatred) about the way that he seems to be treating Manchester United with contempt over the whole Real Madrid saga. Finally, Holland, very pleasing on the eye to watch, play amazing football, but whatever they achieve it seems that they are constantly being compared to the great teams of years gone by, which starts to get annoying after a while.

With the domestic pre-season being very quiet so far, and to be honest rather depressing from a Gillingham point of view with relegation to League Two. I am sure come August I will be chomping at the bit again and proclaiming our title credentials!

So to our engagement party this Saturday. With luck we should have a good number, a lot of people haven't been able to make it for various reasons, but that's the way things go! We have had some posters made with the date of the wedding printed on them so people don't have any excuse for missing out on the wedding.

Stephanie has been working hard on all the arrangements, making sure a DJ is booked, buffet is prepared and that the hall is decorated in a purple fashion to match her dress for the night. I have even played along nicely and will be wearing a matching shirt on Saturday to incorporate myself into Stephanie's 'theme'. However, one thing that has eluded us so far is a song in which to dance to. Personally I think that this is a wedding thing, but apparently not...! Steph has been watching re-runs of Top of the Pops and scouring the Internet for "the one" but so far no luck.

I don't really know why we haven't got a stand out song, it must have just passed us by. For one of Steph's birthdays at the beginning of our relationship I took her to London to see Whistle Down the Wind and we kind of adopted "No Matter What" by Boyzone, but I hate the song now. Not that it holds bad memories or anything. But Boyzone?!!

The best thing about music, is it captures a specific time in your life, for me Oasis and Live Forever, Rock N Roll Star and the whole Definitely Maybe will always be about me at the end of my school days, heading off into life without a care in the world. It's the same with most music, you listen to a track that is a year old, it takes you back to a specific memory and gives it an element of extra clarity.

So, if anything I don't think having a slow romantic ballad that we like the words to would be a suitable choice for this occasion. I think something that encapsulated a moment from our relationship that brings both of us happy memories, whether it is "It's Like That" by Run DMC (the number one single when we got together!) or something totally different, it doesn't matter as long as it fits.

Whichever way it turns out, we hope to have a great night, and hope that everyone who comes does too! Hopefully the blog postings will pick up again over the next few weeks and some new photos added to the site as well. See you all on Saturday!


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