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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Monstrosity of the South

A little while ago I read about an idea about placing an "icon" on top of the hill as you head down Swanscombe Cutting entitled "Angel of the South". Today, my fears which were highlighted at the time became reality as the five shortlisted designs where revealed.

It is quite clear that the whole pretentious idea is flawed, and that none of the designs, which I have listed below are in fitting with the local community, not on any level; culturally, aesthetically, historically, artfully - the list is endless.

Am I being a little harsh? Judge for yourself.

1) Christopher Le Brun

This design from Christopher Le Brun looks like a huge satellite dish which has been crashed into by a huge bird, which is stuck with it's arse hanging out of the ground!

2) Daniel Buren

The Far East or Gravesend, where would this look more appropriate? I cannot see it remaining shiny contemporary white for too long. Some lad from Swanscombe with a spray can will see to that!

3) Mark Wallinger

Mark Wallinger has hit closest to the historical nature of Kent with a huge horse, but I cannot keep wondering if it will be 100% anatomically accurate.

4) Rachel Whiteread

I have looked and looked and looked at this, and still don't get it. The sculpture is going to be on top of the hill. Why the hell build another one on top of that?

5) Richard Deacon

If your familiar with the bottom of Swanscombe Cutting you will know that the area is surrounded by electricity pylons. Why the hell would you want to stick another one that looks like it is scrunched up in pain with severe stomach cramps.

Having a look at a user poll on Kent Online it looks like I am not to only one who has taken to a dislike of these five designs. I am hopeful, but not confident that someone somewhere will see some sense and pull the plug from this crazy idea as soon as possible!

There is also a short video on the BBC where you can see all five designs in all there "splendor"!

Please leave a comment on this post - am I being harsh, do we have anyway of stopping this plan from happening, or at least proposing something in fitting with the local area?


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