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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

10 Wishes for Tonights Champion League Final

Tonight sees the very first European Cup final featuring two english sides in what is quite possibly the most overhyped game ever in the history of football. Yes, it is good that two english sides are playing, but does anyone remember last years FA Cup final, which was quite possibly the most boring game ever?

Here are ten things that I hope to see in tonights game:

1) Chelsea lose
2) Drogba gets sent off in the first minute and walks off crying
3) That I am still awake before the end of the first half
4) Ronaldo takes his premier league form onto the 'big stage'
5) There is more than one goal
6) The winning goal is scored by Englishman
7) Someone mentions that 'massive' Chelsea couldn't sell all their tickets
8) It doesn't go to extra time and penalties (except if it is a 4-4 draw)
9) If Chelsea win there is a blackout so we don't get to see the celebrations
10) Avram Grant and Alex Ferguson have a punch up on the touchline


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