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Thursday, 22 May 2008

10 Conclusions from Yesterday's European Cup Final

After yesterdays post looking ahead towards last night's European Cup Final I thought it would be only fair to keep the same format in summarising the event.

1) I would not like to be John Terry this morning. Good job I am not a betting man! I would have bet big money on him scoring as he walked up to that penalty spot. He was distraught after that, and you can hardly blame him. The 2008 European Cup, ten years down the line will be remembered for John Terry's miss if anything else.
2) Ronaldo confirmed that he is an arrogant muppet. Just what the hell was he doing with his penalty kick? If anyone deserved to be in John Terry's shoes last night it was him for the way he ran, stopped, jiggled and missed his penalty.
3) I must have had a premonition about Drogba, deserved to go. Shame it wasn't earlier. For a man of his size and stature he doesn't half throw himself about easy.
4) Manchester United should have been out of sight by half time.
5) Chelsea should have won it after ninety minutes.
6) Both teams were even during extra time.
7) The future looks good for Manchester United, will they have to wait so long before they win the trophy again?
8) Whereas Chelsea, could be an interesting summer. New manager, players leaving - will wait and see.
9) It was a much improved spectacle compared to the FA Cup final last year. Thank You.
10) But there was still too much hype and it was never going to live up to that.


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