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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Yes Sir, No Sir

How refreshing was it this morning reading about the new regime Fabio Capello is structuring within the England Squad?

-Lateness will not be tolerated, room service is banned and mobiles can only be used in bedrooms.
- Players must eat together in smart dress and must wear team blazers when in public and at matches.
- Players will be called by their surnames.
- No WAGS, relatives or agents are allowed to visit.

No longer will we have to cringe listening to the England manager calling players by their nicknames such as "Stevie G", or "Wazza".

Prima Donna footballers, particularly those adorning the three lions have a lot to make up to the general public after their poor showing in the European Qualifers, and Mr Capello's sweeping broom approach is a step in the right direction.

Whilst at work I have to, and most people will also have to abide by rules and regulations. It keeps people on an even keel and adds an important heirachy in terms of respect. If my manager allowed me carte blanche on what I could and couldn't do, I would take it to the maximum and work to a set of parameters which were set against not my clients or my workmates wishes but my own.

Why should the England football team be any different?

By abiding by a set of clear rules not only do you have a clear chain of command, but a level of respect is established. Playing for your national team should be a prestigious accolade, one that is not only earned by your ability, but also should be an understanding of the responsibilty you are given.

If you are unable to respect the wishes of your managers rules, why should you be trusted to respect the wishes of the general football supporting public? Whether it be for England, Wales, Brazil or Andorra, you are carrying the hopes of a nation out into battle on the football pitch. If you cannot make it out of bed to have breakfast with your team mates what chance have you got when it comes to taking a winning penalty in the last minute of a World Cup final?


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