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Thursday, 8 November 2007

More Gillingham FC Classics

Another collection of Gillingham related YouTube Videos for you to enjoy!

Firstly, the season when we went from really, really rubbish to record breakingly good!

Then, a few years later, after the heartbreak of Manchester City, we finally did it - made it to the Championship!

Two years prior to being really, really bad, we were much worse. In fact, we nearly went out of the league full stop. Here is the match that saved us - which is the first time I have seen this, being in Spain at the time! I remember listening to the world service for the results - our lives before the web!

This was, my all time favourite Gillingham game prior to our playoff exploits! Was the whole reason I got my Harvey Lim online moniker!

Before my time the Sunderland playoff exploits, but again YouTube has helped fill some Gillingham related gaps! The Rainham End looks mental when the goals go in!

After all the highlight, why am I including last season? Well we actually scored some pretty good goals! Spot the best ones here!


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