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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

October 1st - Bad Day For Driving

On October 1st 2006, a little (and slightly venomous) old lady reversed into the front of my car whilst coming out of her drive. Despite the fact that I had seen her coming and stopped to let her see me! Not particularly terrible in terms of damage or personal injury, but it was just so avoidable which makes it so damn annoying!

We are still awaiting the final outcome between the two insurance companies, so I probably cannot say too much, and I certain will refrain for expressing some of my more colorful views about this particular lady on the web!

However, fast forward exactly one year to October 1st 2007 and low and behold, Stephanie, sitting in traffic, hearing a horrible screeching of tyres whilst sitting in traffic on the Wainscott Bypass looks in her rear view mirror and sees a white van heading straight towards her.

Knowing that impact is imminent she braces herself and grabs hold of the steering wheel. The van swerves but still hits, quite hard, sending her forward into the car in front.

Luckily Stephanie remained unhurt, but our car had by all accounts seen better days! And so it proved, stuck in the outside lane unable to move and having to wait for a police removal vehicle in order to get off the road.

The person whom hit Steph was solely responsible, and again, I won't go into too much detail here, but the police have taken action and so all should be plain sailing as far as our insurance claim is concerned.

Even more fortunate for all concerned really is that Stephanie was on her way back from dropping Oliver off and not on her way there. She assured me that if the accident took place on the way to my mums she would have had no problems defying her whiplash injuries and firing a volley of expletives at the other person involved.

Despite the shock and visible discomfort of having fairly serious whiplash Stephanie is fine and well, and we had a conversation yesterday about how next year both of us, where possible will refrain from driving on October 1st.

Although it has to be said, since we have had our car (September 2005) we have had one piece of bad luck after another! Even prior to the venomous old lady from a year ago, we had the person who hit the rear of me whilst driving a stolen vehicle and apparently on the way back from some kind of robbery!

There was also the situation I found myself in when I woke up one morning, and saw that my car had been hit on the windscreen by some kind of jack, causing extensive damage to the windscreen and bonnet! Not even to mention the time when parked at the Knowle in Higham, a place which Stephanie and I thought was quite posh (as Higham goes), only for someone to smash the passenger window door in an attempt to nick Stephanies handbag from under the seat. They were very well rewarded for their efforts, and managed to make away with 12 pence and a blockbuster video card.

October 1st? Vauxhall Voodoo? Or just damn bad luck? Let's hope that's the last of it whatever it is!!!!


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