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Monday, 8 October 2007

Full Steam Ahead

I have been without an internet connection at home now for nearly a week, and it really feels as if I am missing something vital from my life - it is a really sad state of affairs, but what would we do without the internet on a permanent basis?

For those waiting for Oliver's Year in the Life photographs they will be uploaded just as soon as Sky deliver me my new router, which we are unlikely to be able to pick up until Saturday!

In the meantime I can still blog from work, which is a little bit of a relief seeing as the new house has started to take vital importance in our lives right now.

Having been empty now for six weeks, and with our holiday and other things cropping up we haven't been able to get as 'involved' as we would like. There has also been a little bit of breathing space required to let Tower Homes market the property and let them find us a buyer, which in all honesty has been a complete disaster.

Considering that three properties have been sold over the past few months at Pioneer Court, Tower Homes will have already mailed their clients with a marketing pack for those three properties, those clients who were interested at the time will have already visited one of the three, so by the time ours come along the market had already been saturated. Despite my fairly convincing arguments (in my opinion) Tower have been resolute and we have been required to hold off for the full 8 weeks until we placed the property on the market.

I waited six, as I wasn't waiting any longer for nothing, and in the week that it has been up for sale we have had two fairly promising viewers, so watch this space!

In the meantime, work started this weekend in preparing the new house ready for our arrival, and as a typical Bird, I have wanted to make sure that it is warm and comfortable for my young (which includes being surrounded by twigs and dried leaves).

As it is my Mum and Dad's old house (and the place I grew up) we have devised a coping mechanism that will hopefully prevent any strangeness when we finally get to move in. It is no longer 'Mum and Dad's old house', it is 'the New House', likewise Craig's old room is now the nursery and the spare room, is Oliver's new room etc.

With new names for everything, we have attempting to implement a few cosmetic changes which will hopefully add a little 'Adam, Stephanie and Oliver' and start the long process in making it our own.

We are going to knock down the wall in between the lounge and the dining room to create one big open space - did anyone see Mum's face just then???

Practically, we cannot make too many changes as a) we cannot seem to effect the houseprice too much as we don't own it yet, plus b) financially we want to save money in order to pay for solicitor fees etc when we finally do! So at the moment we are trying to think of cheap little ways in which we can make minor changes, and at the moment all that is involved is a little lick of paint here and there.

We are transforming Craig's old room, which as you know is now the nursery. This is where Oliver will be for now, and when he is ready to leave the cot we will have had his new room all decorated and he can have the big room, making the nursery available for.... another hatched egg we suppose!

I meant to take my camera around to the new house at the weekend just so I could take some before and after photos like I did with the flat, but I forgot, I am useless I know! But I will do and maybe one day when my internet connection is restored I can upload them! But we are in for a busy few months, and all being well we will be in the new house around about the first week of December whether we have found a buyer or not!


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