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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Gills on You Tube

You Tube as everyone knows has some great, and some not so great videos, but trawling around for some Gills related videos uncovered some great finds.

Unfortunately some of the better ones have since been removed for copyright purposes, but these appear to still be working.

Bob Taylor's salmonesque last minute winner against Fulham

This match would eventually be remembered for all the wrong reasons, but for last minute goals against your at the time biggest rivals, you can't get any better than this!

Carl Asaba against Colchester

A new one for me, as I had never seen this one before. Another player, whom never quite hit the highs elsewhere as he did with us. Will be remembered quite possibly for his manner of departure as opposed to goals like this one.

Dean Macdonald

He may only be slightly taller than Oliver, but he has scored some great goals for the Gills this season! This video shows four of them, including the amazing last minute goal against Chesterfield (you had to be there!)

I am not a fan of the You Tube curent search system, I think it needs a lot or refining, but if I find anymore worthwhile clips I will post them as a part two!


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