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Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Tour de France comes to Gravesend!

I had heard about the Tour de France coming to London and Kent this year for a little while, and when I first heard the news I speculated that the route may go pass the flat.

We live on the main road from Dartford and into Gravesend, and it made perfect sense to me that this is where the route would go.

In the past few weeks, with the build up and official announcements on the Tour de France website being made and confirmation by the council, we really will see the Tour de France racing along the Overcliffe and past Pioneer Court!

I am not a cyclist, or a cycling fan per se, but it is great news for Gravesend that the world's largest annual sporting event is passing through! Even better for Steph, Oliver and I, is that we can watch all the action live and uninterrupted from the comfort of our front room!

It is strange how when you see the Tour de France on the TV how they appear to be cycling through idyllic French hamlets, or high in the hills somewhere providing breathtaking views and scenic beauty.

The contrast of the graffitied walls of the Asda entrance on the Overcliffe, the row of arcades and greasy spoons at the top of the town and architectural monstrosity that now passes as Primark will be viewable to not just viewers in the UK but to the world!

Gravesend is not the worst place that the Tour de France will pass through this year, but you get my point!

In fact, it will be really good for the town as a whole. The council mention in the press release that they hope to have allsorts of activities and business opportunities for local businesses, so now is the time to get plans in motion!

I am thinking of dropping an email to Pepsi, or Coca Cola seeing if they would like to put an advert up in our front garden. Anything for a bit of extra revenue - why not?!

Maybe the Oarsome Foursome would like to advertise themselves with a banner from our window?

Whatever product, website address, telephone number is seen as the Cyclists pass Pioneer Court in July will be viewable to a global audience! Surely a chance for someone to cash in?

Even if I don't flog this premium advertising space to the highest bidder, it will be great for everyone along the route to see this sporting race in action. There should create a carnival atmosphere and hopefully become an annual event.


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