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Monday, 1 January 2007

Remembering 2006

I wasn't really going to write this blog at one stage because I didn't really want to tempt fate, afterall if this year has been so great, who is to say that by celebrating it next year is going to go the other way. But I figured each year brings different things and hopefully next year I will be able to write about how well 2007 has gone too. Even if it does bring the unexpected.

But for Steph and I the year 2006 felt like our year.

I got the new job which I had craved for so long, which has since gone like a dream for me. I have really settled in, learnt a huge amount from some talented, intelligent people and earnt a reputation based on hard work and a willingness to help out whenever possible.

Steph, whose broodiness was exposed the day Jessica announced her third pregnancy managed to fulfil her dreams by getting pregnant herself and spent the year nuturing an eventual baby boy, culminating in Oliver's birth on the 21st of December.

A big highlight's for both of us was our week in Fueturventura, which despite Stephs cremated legs was a week both of us will not forget in a hurry! It was a holiday which I believe cemented our relationship together, as we both had a realisation of the pregnancy, our role in it and an our roles together for the future.

I finally managed to get to see Anfield, although not a match but I got to see the parts not many others get to see. I was also lucky enough to visit the new Emirates stadium and see the Premier Leagues biggest game of the year at Old Trafford as Manchester United took on Chelsea.

Jessica and James got engaged and had baby Indigo, so I became an Uncle for the third time and have a wedding to look forward to next year.

To finish the year nicely Dad came home on the 30th of December after the fulfillment of his contract out in Iran, so Jessica and I will have our Dad back. Although he will probably get bored with us all again by March and want to escape to somewhere else!

Looking forward to the next twelve months, we have a lot to look forward to. Jessica and James getting married, John and Nadine getting married in Mexico, which Steph and I hope to be able to save up and go to. Our friends Mark and Nicola are getting married as well as Chris at work. It seems as if 2007 is the year of the wedding!

The best bit for Steph and I though will be watching Oliver grow and develop over the year and celebrating his 1st Birthday in December. Over the past twelve or so days we have watched him grow and change in minor little ways. Every little detail is a huge thrill for both of us and we are both settling down, getting used to him, getting used to feeding and changing and accepting everything that comes with having a little boy to look after.

On behalf of Stephanie, Oliver and myself we wish you all a happy new year and all the best throughout 2007.


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