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Monday, 8 January 2007

Finding Normality

Having been off work now since December 18th, tomorrow brings the first step of creating a new normality for us when I go back to work

The past three weeks have gone in a blink of an eye, and it is going to be strange tomorrow not seeing Oliver or Steph all day! In Steph's case she probably cannot wait to get rid of me!

In pre baby times a normal week would be Steph and I at work during the week, in which she would have one day off, I would be home between 7.30 and 9.30 depending on how busy my day has been, or if I have popped downstairs for a quick beer before home! An average weekend would see Steph at work on Saturday whilst I went to football and Sundays we spent the day together doing household chores, shopping, or if we were particularly lazy nothing at all.

Since Oliver arrived and I have been home we have been all over the place in terms of our sleep, our day to day roles and our meal times. There is no going back to the pre Oliver routine, so we can only find a new one!

To be honest, all the time Steph is off work I don't think we are going to cope too badly. The only adjustment we will really need to make is our sleeping situation! At the moment with Oliver in the room with us, he wakes up, we all wake up! With that in mind, I may be spending a few nights on the sofa just so I can get a full nights sleep and not have to worry about crashing on my desk during the afternoons!

Once Steph goes back to work, Oliver will be looked after by my Mum four days a week and Steph the other. I will be having him Saturdays and Sundays will be our only day as a family. In an ideal world Steph will pass her sign language exam and find a new job using her sign language skills which will let us have our full weekends together. It is something we have talked about, but not something we can just go out and do overnight. In the meantime we acknowledge how lucky we are having family help us out and we have not been short of offers from others, which again we are eternally grateful for.

I myself am quite looking forward to going back to work. Staying at home and being chef, nurse, carer and bum changer (twice...) has been great fun, but nothing beats getting out of the house, going to work and being paid for something I really love doing. I am quite lucky aswell in that I work with a great bunch of people, and really enjoy my job. Maybe if my circumstances were different I would be crying all over my keyboard and downing asprins, but for now, I am all prepared and ready to get going again.

It has been an amazing adventure so far, one that hasn't properly started. Only yesterday Oliver smiled for the first time (well.... we recorded yesterday as the first time, but both of us are convinced he smiled at either one of us before hand!), we still have much more to look forward to from him, such as plenty more sleepless night's for a start!


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