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Sunday, 3 December 2006


I am sure that the pregnancy advice books write pages and pages about what parents to be ought to be doing a week before the baby is born. I am sure that they prescribe rest, to take things easy, but Steph and I yesterday took the advice a little too literally!

We did... nothing!

Steph woke up at ten and was watching birth tv as per usual, whilst I did some updates for Uncle Matthew on Once I had finished that I suggested we watch the last two episodes of 24 (We have been catching up on series four, so we are all up to speed again ready for series five which we brought on DVD last month).

So by the time we had watched those, it was not much point in getting ready to go out anywhere, as we didn't really have anywhere to go, and we had spent so long on the sofa that our bodies had been moulded to it!

We started to watch the beginning of 24 series 5, and before we knew it we had watched the whole of the first dvd (four hours)! At this point it was time for X-Factor and so continuing with our "cannot be bothered" theme, we called for a pizza from the comfort of out sofa. We didn't even bother getting up to check a menu, we interogated the man at the other end instead! Seeing as we had spent the day doing nothing we thought why should we exert ourselves any further, let's stay were we are!

If you needed further evidence of our sloth all you needed to notice was; we hadn't made the bed, undrawn the bedroom curtains, hadn't done any washing up, hadn't been out to see if we had any post, hadn't put on any washing and both of us were still in our pyjamas!

In our defence, it is the very first time we have spent a day like it, we had no premade plans, had no urgent need to go food shopping (that can wait till Sunday!), didn't want to go out spending money this side of the birth. As it got to 3o'clock, we started to make it into a joke, so we kind of knew what we were doing and it became funny rather than lazy.

And anyway, as we said yesterday, it's hardly likely we will be able to have a repeat performance until at least 2024!


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