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Monday, 18 December 2006


Remember that TV ad which showed a guy growing up as music played in the background showcasing the "soundtrack to his life"? Well someone has got the Jukebox spot on with Take That sitting at the top of the singles chart with a song called "Patience", totally apt considering mine and Steph's current situation!

If I was a betting man I would have put money on Baby Bird coming early, as witnessed by my bold proclamations earlier on in the pregnancy. However, so far, so not a lot!

We await Wednesday now with the unimaginable thoughts of inducement now a realistic certainty. The doctors make the appointment for you as you approach your due date on the basis of accounting for all possibilities. Steph at the time said something along the lines of "as if I will need to be induced!".

Although we are currently frustrated with the waiting, it has been fun. Going to work each day and people asking me "what am I still doing here", and comments suggesting the baby will be having a shaving kit as a gift for when it's born have been a good way to relax and laugh things off.

On the flip side, we still haven't been able to give people Christmas cards because we don't know who to write them from! Nor have people been giving us Christmas cards as they don't know who to write them too (or at least.... we think!).

Never mind, things could be a lot, lot worse! It is all relative in the scheme of things, and we have been really lucking with a near flawless pregnancy! If the baby is a little lazy it only goes to show it's got it's mother's genes!


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