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Thursday, 7 December 2006

All Blocked Up

Nine months into a trouble free pregnancy we finally hit the skids at the business end of the gestation period.

Not only are we a day late, Steph is really struggling with a sore throat and cold.

I am really hoping that the baby holds on for a little longer, just so Steph can get over the worst of it and enjoy the first hours of motherhood without worrying about dripping snot on the baby or coughing all over the poor thing!

It's been a pretty mad few days at work with some long hours thrown in to meet deadlines (Britain's Best Driver) etc, so I haven't really had a chance to sit and think about the imminent arrival of Baby Bird. I know Steph sitting at home has been frustrated, but with the cold and feeling rough has only added to her worries.

Dad went back to Iran this morning, so I am pretty gutted that he may have to wait six weeks before he gets a chance to meet his fourth grandchild. But he told me this morning that he may in fact be back sooner than expected!

We have a final induction date of the 20th of December, but neither of us fancy a baby that close to Christmas.

I am still hoping for the 8th December, it would be a great way to remember my Nan whose birthday was on the same date!

With Stephs nose stuffed, throat bunged up and birth canal seemingly not interested it really is a case of "All Blocked Up".


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