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Friday, 10 November 2006

A Touch Anticlimactic

I have just got back from the third scan, and despite my initial excitement the actual event was a bit of a letdown.

Firstly - the result! We only had a third scan to check for giantitis but the baby's growth is on the dollar with nothing to worry about what so ever! I can ever breathe a further sigh of relief as Steph is not even carrying too much water, it must be just the way Mother nature decided Steph would carry her first baby!

The head was measured in diameter and circumference and all was worked out to be fine. The thigh bone was also measured, and again all was as it should be. The next measurement was taken, but I am not too sure what it was they were measuring! We were not actually looking at this point, as whatever was being measured would have given the game away as to the baby's sex! It must have been a strange view for any voyeurs seeing three excited people (my mum came this time) looking away from the monitor with their eyes in their hands!

I was expecting the scan to be a window of opportunity for us, to meet the baby properly! I guess I was hoping the baby would be so developed that it would wave, or give a thumbs up, maybe even see it winking back at us, but we couldn't really see too much in the way of details.

In fact the more the baby develops the harder it is for us to see it!

Just to add further disappointment to our visit we were also unable to get another photograph! Apparently they only issue photographs for the 12 and 21 week scans! Not too sure why... but there we go!

Still, we can rejoice in that there are no further complications. Steph can relax slightly in that an average baby will be passing down her birth canal instead of a six-year old mini-me!

Four weeks and counting!


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