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Monday, 6 November 2006

Raring to go!

As we enter our eight month of pregnancy Steph and I are all ready and waiting!

The nursery is ready (albeit awaiting some blinds - which are on order), we have a baby bath - with a floating duck themometer, we have stacked up on baby shampoo, talcum powder, nappies and all sorts of potions that I don't have a clue what are used for! The only thing we need now is a baby!

In footballing terms, we are entering what Alex Ferguson referred to as "Squeeky Bum Time", that period at the end of the footballing season whereby each game played determines whether or not your team is going to come out on top, win the championship or get pipped at the post. For ninety minutes as a supporter you are sat at the edge of your seat willing your team on.

Steph and I are at the stage now, we have gone nearly to the end of the season, in a position of strength in a flaw free nine months, and we are waiting nervously for the final whistle!

More seriously thought, we are both starting to get a little nervous. Stephanie particularly so, as she is anticipating the actual birth itself. I am particularly nervous as I constantly ponder the problems that I may face as a parent. Unruly behavour, delinquency, poor attititude at school and all sorts of things that I shouldn't be worrying about right now!

We have another scan on Friday, just to monitor the babies growth, as judging by Steph's "bump" we are going to be giving birth to a toddler and not a baby!

The past eight months have flown by, so will the time from now until the baby arrives! It's been a great journey so far, one that is far from over. We are stuck on that rollercoaster where you want to get off to tell everyone all about it, but stuck because your still having a really great time.


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