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Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Dilemma of a Footballing Tourist

Being a Gillingham fan means that I miss out on the thrills and spills of the Premier League, the Ferrari's, the million pound weekly a salaries and foreign mercenaries.

So when a chance comes along to swap my Priestfield's and Millmoor's for Anfield or Old Trafford I snap it up with gusto.

Having recently received an opportunity, courtesy of good friend (even better now!) Reaso, to watch Manchester Utd v Chelsea I accepted without hesitation.

I had sudden visions of Rooney, Giggs, Carrick, Saha, Shevchenko, Lampard, Ballack and Drogba. 75,000 passionate fans roaring in the "Theatre of Dreams", the smell of a big game, Mourinho's whinging, Fergies red hooter and yet more photo opportunities for the website(!).

Before my fantasies got too out of hand it suddenly dawned on me.... Baby Bird....!


I could possibly be in Manchester whilst Steph goes into labour with my first child! Although not due until the 6th December, there is every possibility she could give birth at anytime now or right up until the 16th!

We have joked throughout the pregnancy about me being at football when the baby is born and an announcement being made over the tannoy "Congratulations to Adam Bird of the Rainham End, his girlfriend has given birth to a baby xxxx".

In all seriousness it has just been in jest. The reality being, if I was at football, and Steph went into labour, I would of course leave my seat immediately and rush off like a mad man straight up to the Darent Valley delivery suite!

However, there is an important reason for me writting this, not just as an excuse to glorify another stroke of football ticket lottery winning.

I am trying to tempt fate.

The Man U v Chelsea game in on the 26th, the same day as Paris's birthday. Laws of average suggest that three things are unlikely to happen all in one day. Ironically my favourite tv programme is 24, and anyone watching that will know a LOT can happen in one day!

So, as politely as I can ask;

Mr Sod,

Author of Sod's law, please will you give me a break on the 26th November so that I can watch the game without worry, have my cake and eat it.

Thank you kindly,

Adam, Stephanie and Baby Bird.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should try praying to GOD instead of SOD!!! Lol!

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