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Monday, 16 October 2006

An intriguing discovery and potential dillema

Apparently the length of a pregnant ladies bump should equate in centimetres to the amount of weeks they are pregnant. Any higher or any less and the doctors start wanting to know why.

Stephanie, being 32 weeks pregnant is expected to have a bump 32cm long. She was told today that she is a whopping 36! That would make the baby four weeks away from delivery!

The doctors now want to know if we are having a baby elephant (their words not mine), or if Stephanie is carrying a lot of water! I am actually hoping for a bigger baby because I don't want to be there when the dam that is holding all that water finally breaks! I cannot imagine that it smells particularly nice!

One blessing is that we now get to have another scan, which is great news for both of us, as we had such emotional experiences during out last two visits.

I do however have a slight worry over this third scan.

As the baby is going to be a lot bigger this time around and a lot more developed, I am slightly concerned that we may actually get an accidental glimpse of what sex the baby is, (I know some of my friend's reading this are probably thinking "not if he takes after his Dad!") and that if we do it will spoil the surprise for us both!

What then do we do? Is it possible for the nurse to show our baby without showing off it's distinguishing features, or do we have a scan where only the nurse view's the screen?

I can't see either of us sitting in that room with the baby on the screen and neither of us watching, so I guess we are both reliant on the nurse being cunning with her scanning wand, and hoping that the baby doesn't buck the Bird trend and accidentally reveal itself to us both!
Either way, I will of course keep everyone up to date with all the latest news!


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