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Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Budding Bono or Kelly Jones?

Last night, Steph and I were sitting vegged out on the sofa, as we normally are during the week!

I was telling her about a song I had downloaded on my Ipod and asked her to listen to it!

As she was sitting listening to the music she felt Baby Bird starting to fidget! I was in the kitchen at the time, making sandwiches for work today, but when I came back she asked me to sit and watch!

She started to listen to One by U2, and it was at this point that the baby really started to move! I was watching the ipod balancing on Steph's bump moving up and down - something that was quite freaky as well as exciting!

I decided at this point to conduct an experiment.

Could we determine the babies sex depending on the response to music Steph played on the ipod?

I asked her to play a Spice Girls track (this is only on my ipod because I copied an old dance album and somehow have not got around to deleting it!), just to see what the reaction was. As it was playing the kicking and movement abated, and the ipod was not moving up and down so much. Hmmm.... interesting!

I decided then to play another "masculine" song, 'Billy Davies Daughter' by the Stereophonics!

As soon as the song started to play Steph's stomach started to move like I hadn't seen it before! It was completely amazing! For the duration of the whole track Steph’s bump was pulsating and trembling. I was slightly disturbed at one point and began having visions of a foot or a hand pushing it's way out of Steph's bump like in Alien or some other horror/sci-fi movie!

Steph and I were completely blown away, and spent the rest of the evening debating what our impromptu scientific experiment actually meant! Was the baby moving due to the distress of hearing Kelly Jones and Bono's voices, or was the baby relaxing whilst Ginger Spice and friends butchered Steph’s ears?

I am quite happy to believe that Baby Bird is a rock n roll star in the making and the music was early inspiration for his long and successful career!


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