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Thursday, 14 September 2006

The final trimester

Steph and I are now well into our final trimester of her pregnancy, and things are really starting to build up momentum.

On Saturday we are flying out to Fuerteventura, which I have been holding as some kind of benchmark as to where we are within the pregnancy cycle. When we come back it will be the final countdown to welcoming Baby Bird™ into the world!

As we look forward to a week in the sun, things back at home are changing rapidly. The nursery is starting to take shape with all new furniture and furnishings for the baby. Mum and dad very kindly brought the baby some new wheels in which the baby can travel in style and comfort - thank you Nanny and Bampy! Also, lots of little bits and pieces have started to litter the kitchen and elsewhere around the flat.

The week away comes highly recommended in a lot of the pregnancy books I have read (well one!), not only because it is possibly the last chance you will get away with peace and quiet for 18 years, but will be a chance for Steph and I to lay down our "battle plans", meaning that we can talk about parenting and how we are going to be as parents.

One thing is for sure, we are in for an exciting few months the three of us, and speaking for myself, the nerves are already well settled!

Before I sign off for another day, I want to wish Will, Gareth, Stuart, Anthony, Foordy, and Tommy all the best for there row on Saturday. It is for a very worthy cause, but even if they were doing it for a bet I would wish them luck. It is going to be a long slog, but they will be grinning from ear to ear when they (hopefully) cross that finishing line sometime on Tuesday! For more details see the Oarsome 4Some website.


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