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Thursday, 3 August 2006

One for Reaso

Anybody watching the F Word last night with Gordon Ramsey would have seen the feature with the giant Jaffa Cake.

Giles Coren, the "posh food critic" had stumbled across a website called, whereby people had been attempting to make extreme sized replicas of famous snacks or sweets. We were then shown the efforts he went to in order to produce a huge Jaffa Cake, which he had given the name "Jaffa Quake".

On the website itself you can see how people have tirelessly replicated a giant custard cream, a giant scotch egg and a huge cola bottle just to name a few!

I thought that this would be a perfect challenge for Reaso, who famously ate a desert made for four people in order to secure a discount off the final bill! Incidentally he was ill for hours afterwards and felt the effects of the sugar rush for at least three days.


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