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Monday, 17 December 2007

Oliver's First Year

On Friday you will be celebrating your very first birthday, and Mummy and Daddy thought that it would be a really good idea to write and let you know all about your first year as we didn't think that you would remember much about it when you grew up!

You certainly have had an eventful first year! More weddings than a "Hello" magazine, exotic travels to the tropics, a visit to the hospital, a visit to the London to see where Princess Diana lived and more falls than your average circus clown.

Not only have you been here, there and everywhere, you even moved house when you were eleven months old! You used to live in a flat on the Overcliffe by the escalator at Asda, but Nanny and Bampy said that they didn't like there house anymore and wanted to move so they said we could live there instead!

Seeing you grow up over your first twelve months was really exciting for Mummy and Daddy and we would often tell each other stories of things that you have done. When you first cut a tooth, when you first said Da Da and when you finally got around to working out how to say Ma Ma!

One thing that Mummy and Daddy didn't like so much about your first twelve months was having to work and not seeing you as much as we would have liked to. It didn't matter too much to you as you were too busy having fun with Nanny and Auntie Marlene whom became your second and third Mummy's.

Nanny Pat, Auntie Carly, Nanny Carly and Auntie Nadine all helped look after you as well when Nanny and Auntie Marlene couldn't for whatever reason. You even spent a couple of day's in the course of the year with Mummy's friend from work!

Although you enjoyed singing at Mark and Nicola's wedding and being dressed up in a beautiful suit for Auntie Jessica's and Uncle James's it was your trip to Mexico where you had most fun. Swimming everyday in the big swimming pool, eating the sand from the beach and downing lemonade shots at the bar with Grandad Colin. You even got the chance to wear another beautiful new suit when Uncle John and Auntie Nadine got married.

As you got more mobile and learned to crawl about you discovered two new things. Eating and ignorance, both of which are probably genetic. Only the other night at Nanny Pat and Grandad Colin's house Mummy found you crawling up the stairs with cat food in your mouth! We also found, the first night in our new house you in the fireplace eating the coal out of the fake coal fire!

Whenever you got the chance to get up to mischief during your explorations and you knew when you were doing something naughty as either Mummy or I would be screaming "Oliver", you would turn around, smile cheekily at us and carry on doing what you were doing, particularly pulling our books and DVD's off the shelves into piles on the floor, or throwing eggs on the floor from the fridge.

You met lots of people during your first year and made lots of friends, Indigo your cousin was probably your best friend, even if her two older sisters Paris and Layla were bad influences. Daddy was not impressed when he received a picture message on his phone showing you dressed up as a fairy in a pink dress on a request from her Ladyship Layla.

Keeping track of your development and progress has been really hard work. Mummy has been keeping a special book with all your key dates, when you first spoke, smiled, grew a tooth and ate a biscuit, but the greatest record we have is our photo gallery. Each and everyday somebody would take a photo of you and Daddy would put in onto the website. Over the course of your first twelve months we managed to do this every day so that we now have a full photographic record of your first year.

Looking back on this, even now we cannot believe how much you have grown in such a small amount of time. Mummy and Daddy are so pleased that they decided to do this, and cannot thank the people who helped enough. I am sure when you are a little older, and over the embarrassment of it all that you will be able to thank those that helped.

We hope that you enjoyed your first birthday, and you can look back on your first year with fondness as Mummy and Daddy have being doing already!


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